Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Chalelaine - Chapter Two

Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas. I loved one so much I used the whole thing but I just changed one word, from ''hand made'' to ''domestic''. There is reason for this and you will soon see why! To the others, be patient, there is, in fact an aunt - you'll meet her later!

CHAPTER TWO - Flying Geese

Soaring Compliments - by Carol Bryer Fallert

I slit it open and took out the sheet of paper. All it said was "Flying Geese go round in circles". What the... I thought. But then something else dropped out of the envelope. It was a ticket to the opening night of a new private art gallery in town. The exhibition was titled "Art in utilitarian objects". The blurb underneath mentioned, rag rugs, quilts and other "domestic artifacts".

I sat and stared, first at the ticket and then at the cryptic note. It was a no contest really, I was going to go. I mean I had to didn't I?

I look a closer look at the invitation. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to make this; there were small pieces of actual fabric which had been fused onto the cardboard into the familiar shape of flying geese. Only instead of going up or down or right to left as they usually do, these ones did, in fact, form a circle.

It reminded me of the work of one of my favourite quilt artists, Carol Bryer Fallert, now a resident of Paducah, Kentucky. Now that was definitely a place on my travel wish list if ever there was one! I could just imagine myself walking down a historic street, lined with quilts hanging from upstairs railings, passing cute coffee shops with enticing iced buns in the windows, and the smell of autumn (fall) in the air, leaves crunching underfoot.

But, back to the invitation, it was for tomorrow night, Friday, and as there wasn't an rsvp I decided I would just turn up at the New Art Space on Palm Street at 8pm tomorrow night for drinks, nibbles and culture. Why not?

Back to work! Awaiting me downstairs was a pile of fabric in blue and white, with a very subtle print in each. What to do, what to do... I needed a border for the classic quilt I was working on, something not too busy, but directional. What about piano keys - no, too strong. I know, flying geese, but only going in straight lines. I could, however, make them go 'around', by pointing them around the quilt one way. I turned the telly on for some background distraction and got to work slicing and dicing, the way you do. Soon the machine was humming and I was still thinking "Flying geese go round in circles".

OK - Help me here! I need some ideas about what might happen at the opening night of this exhibition! All suggestions welcome!

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Munaiba said...

I pushed open the door to the gallery. It was warm and there was a pleasant hum and the owner's twin sons were ferrying trays of canapes and wine around the guests.

I scanned the crowd and suddenly I saw him. I know my face must have gone sheet white. My feet felt rooted to the spot and although I wanted to flee all I could do was stand and stare.

Damon Wildboy! What was he doing here. Last I heard he was doing time in a low security prison for art fraud.

"Breathe Amy, breathe" I told myself. And then my body began to work again and I turned to walk out only to hear the familiar camp tones slice through the room. "Aaaamyyyy daaarling!"