Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Chateline - Chapter Three - a mystery object jogs the memory

Normally, I avoid these sorts of things like the plague.  I'm not comfortable in a crowd of people I don't know, especially at events which involve glasses of wine and greasy 'finger foods' eaten while standing up. 

Nat had, however, decided to come along, and I enjoyed standing next to her. Oh to be 18 again, the glamour radiated off her and I hoped a little might reflect back onto me.  The best part about Nat is that she is totally unaware of the effect she has on the young males of the species, whose glances and changes in body language as she walks through a crowd resemble a soft breeze blowing through a paddock of wheat.  In other words, she flattens them!

There weren't a great number of the afore-mentioned species at this event however.  Mainly there were middle-aged ladies, older husbands and the gallery familiars.  I used to call them 'rent-a'-çrowd', but to be fair they were pleasant people who remembered your name and something nice to say along the lines of "How are you Amy? How are the quilts going?  How is Pete, haven't seen him for a while, and so this is the beautiful Nat!  How's college going?"

We were glad to get inside, as the nights had decided to get chilly - summer was gone.  I spotted my friend Sue across the way, as she sipped a glass of white.  She was talking animatedly to a woman I did not recognise.  Someone from out of town, possibly.

'Hi Amy! Hi Nat, how's it going?  Amy and Nat, allow me to introduce you to Alisha, who is the curator of this exhibition.  This is a travelling show, and we were lucky to get it here.  Alisha doesn't normally travel with the show, but she was visiting a relative in town for the weekend, so she popped in to see how it was going.  She might also be persuaded to say a few words during the official opening."

Alisha turned to smile at us, and I was immediately taken with an odd feeling about this woman.  She was tall, slim, dark and wearing all black.  Quite beautiful, but very strong, with piercing eyes.  Her gaze was perhaps a little too intense.
For some reason, I thought 'Morticia Addams!'

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