Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Chalelaine - Chapter 2 (continued)

After lunch I resumed making the flying geese borders of the blue and white quilt.  'Start with the end in mind' I thought.

That means, I have a border which needs to be a certain length, and I want to use flying geese blocks.  I could divide the measurement by the number of blocks, but that gave me an awkward measurement, so I decided to put a little spacer in the middle of each row, and a cornerstone at each corner.  So I joined pairs of flying geese blocks, then measured the results, and made up the difference with the plain block.  I was just surveying my work when a tousled head appeared in the doorway.
"Whatchyadoin Mum?"  Nat, clad in flannelette pyjamas, an old jumper and sheepskin lined boots was leaning against the door jamb, looking very 'morning afterish'
"Oh, not much, just putting this row of flying geese around the blue and white quilt top."
"Looks good, but aren't the colours a bit boring?  I liked the other one you made better, the one with all the kaleidoscope colours."
"Yeah, I know", I sighed, I'm getting a bit bored with it myself,  "but it's traditional, I suppose.  Everyone should make at least one traditional quilt.  What are you doing today, anyhow?"
"I'm going to go and see if John's home, and then do a bit of study tonight, probably, unless something else comes up."
Pure Gen Y.  Keep the options open, I thought.  However, I had to admit she was studying pretty hard, doing the preferred night shift.  I could usually hear the tap tap of the computer keyboard as I went down the hall to the loo in the middle of the night.  It sounded like study, but it could also be a long dose of on-line chat.
She departed for the kitchen and I head the fridge opening and kettle going on.  "Hey Mum! What's this?" she called out from the kitchen.
"What's what?"
"The funky card, I like it, did you make it?"
"No, it's an invitation to a gallery opening tomorrow night.  Want to come along?"
"Hmmn, might do..."  I know, depends what comes up!

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can't wait!

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